About Us

All Purpose Labour is a temporary personnel agency working with skilled, and unskilled labour though out Australia. Our aim is simple: We are committed to finding the right people for the job.  And investing those people to meet tomorrows needs.

Firms employing non-permanent staff have paid only cursory attention to the development and opportunities of such personnel.  APL see this as an opportunity to seek out and work with each employee as an asset to our business and to develop career opportunities for each individual whilst supplying clients with the most effective people. 


As such, we hope to lead with best practice and high retention to develop workers careers, not just temporary ‘jobs’.   APL has five divisions, targeting the following areas of expertise:

lWarehousing and Logistics

lPick / Packing


lQualtiy Assurance

lFork and other Plant Operators

lStore Persons 


With decades of experience in the industry, APL are the perfect partner for all your Human Resourcing requirements.  We specialize in 

Labour Hire

Skill and Compliance evaluation and consultation

Recruiting, Screening and Testing

HR Consulting

Rostering and Technology